What's all this about?

May 29, 2020

Hello, site guest internet person.

I'm webs. This is my little corner of the internet. You're probably here because you googled me or you have my resume. I changed my website to be more of a blog because I have things I want to share and I think it will give you the reader a better idea of who I am whether you're looking for someone to do business with or someone to get advice from or just someone else cool to hang out with on the internet.

I'll be talking about a lot of things on here they'll probably fall into these categories: education, tech, social justice, food, pop culture, fitness/health. There might be other things. I'm not going to say those will be the only things. If you enjoy what's here or have questions, feel free to ask and comment. Thanks for visiting!


Teacher | Software Developer | Intelligent Hoodlum

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